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Plants and Environment

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2019, Vol. 1, Issue 2

Contribution to the ecological study of edible caterpillars in Gbado-Lite city and its surroundings, Nord-Ubangi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Author(s): Honoré K. Yabuda, Blaise M. Mbembo, Gédéon N. Bongo, Thibaud G. Gbendo, Floribert M.Tshil, Léon S.Kogba and Koto-te-Nyiwa Ngbolua*

Affiliation: *University of Kinshasa, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Biology, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Abstract: Among various crops distributed in the world, insects remain a vital and privileged food as well they constitute an essential source of proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. Caterpillars are among the most consumed and appreciated insects by African communities and particularly by Congolese. A socio-economic survey was conducted among caterpillar suppliers and artisanal wood miners in and around Gbado-Lite Forest in Nord Ubangi Province in order to inventory and identify different species of edible caterpillars in this region and their host plants. The objectives of this survey were to describe the habitats of edible caterpillars and to assess temporal and spatial variations in the abundance of caterpillars at harvest and their edible potential as a source of income for rural households. This study identified 10 species of caterpillars harvested by members of the local community and 8 host plants for the latter. In order to ensure the sustainability of this protein source, protection and preservation measures should be applied to conserve caterpillar species against exploitation and excessive deforestation.

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