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Plants and Environment

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2020, Vol. 2, Issue 2

Volume yield and tree species diversity of three protected areas in Akure forest reserve, Ondo State, Nigeria

Author(s): R. I. Adeseko, A. S. Akinbowale*, C. I. Arinzechi and A. A. Adeboyejo

Affiliation: *Department of Forestry and Wood Technology, The Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

Abstract: The roles of protected areas in biodiversity conservation were assessed in this study. This was achieved by assessing tree species diversity and volume yield of three protected areas in Akure Forest Reserve, Ondo State, Nigeria. Two sampling plots of 50 m × 50 m were laid in each of the sites using systematic line transect. Trees with DBH >10cm were identified in each plot, their frequency of occurrence were ascertained and categorized into families. All tree growth variables were measured in each of the study sites. The results obtained from this study indicated that the three selected protected areas within the forest reserve are rich in trees species. A total of 264 stems ha-1 were observed in the SNR, 198 stems ha-1 were recorded in the Buffer zone and Enrichment Planting had 72 stems ha-1. The number of tree species observed in SNR, Buffer Zone, Enrichment Planting followed the order of 37> 31 >25. Shannon Weiner index of 2.97, 3.10 and 3.00 were obtained in the buffer zone, SNR and Enrichment planting site respectively. SNR had the highest volume of 461.74 m3 ha-1, this was followed by the Buffer zone with 424.46 m3 ha-1 and the Enrichment planting (138.28 m3 ha-1). The high biodiversity indices are indication that biodiversity can be conserved through in situ method if proper managerial actions are put in place. The study therefore recommended that the remaining protected areas should be safeguardedfrom anthropogenic activities and more protected areas be established.

DOI: 10.22271/2582-3744.2020.jun.80

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