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Plants and Environment

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2020, Vol. 2, Issue 4

Table of Contents
Problematic on the use of synthetic pesticides against insect pests of tomato, (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) in Foumbot, Western Region of Cameroon
Dzokou Victor Joly*, Yana Wenceslas, Asafor Henry Chotangui, Mouyiche Mbouemboue Ange Nathanaƫl and Tamesse Joseph Lebel
Impacts of climate change on human and plant nutrition and health
M. S. Adiaha* and C. S. Adiaha
Bee flora diversity in different vegetation communities of Gesha-Sayilem forest in Kaffa Zone, south-western Ethiopia
Tura Bareke* and Admassu Addi
Impacts of long-term disturbance on soil health with relation to vegetation distribution in a tropical ecosystem
C. N. Basweti*, S. Otor and S. Manohar